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The Podcast Success Summit Is For You:

The New Podcaster

You’re an aspiring podcaster, want to get a snapshot on the podcasting world and would like to know how to successfully launch your podcast

The Podcast Host

You have been podcasting for quite a while and are looking for new ways to grow your audience, leverage your show to land clients and make money from it

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, Marketers, Artists

You want to hear more about what podcasting can do for your brand and business, and you’d like to learn how to promote your brand, grow your email list and business by being a featured podcast guest

Get Access to Exclusive Trainings On:

Podcast Platform

Your Show’s Online Platform

Learn how to build a high-performing website for your podcast, blog, as well as products and services

Podcasting Equipment

Podcasting Gear

Top podcasters, audio and recording expert will help you choose the right podcasting gear

Podcast Launch

ROCK Your Podcast Launch

Case-studies and practical advice that’s going to help you launch your show with a bang!

Grow Your Audience

Grow Your Audience

Strategies and tips that are going to help you grow your audience even after the New & Noteworthy boost

Email List Growth

Email List & Community Growth

Find out how you can massively grow your email list and online community through your show

Podcast Monetization

Podcast Monetization

A crash course on podcast sponsorships and other ways you can make money from your show


Authority Through Podcasting

Find out how your podcast can help you build authority and strategically position you as an expert in your industry

Influencers Collaboration

Collaboration With Influencers

Learn ways you can use to get influencers on your show and strategies to collaborate with them beyond your podcast

Podcasting Trends

Podcasting Trends

Podcasters and podcasting experts share the latest news on the podcasting world

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OPENING KEYNOTE: The Opportunities of Podcasting

Jay Baer – Podcast Success Summit

Jay Baer

Convince & Convert Media


The Benefits of Podcasting

Sarah Williams – Podcast Success Summit

Sarah Williams

Tough Girl Podcast

Podcasting Myths

Rob Walch – Podcast Success Summit

Rob Walch



Podcasting Reality–Check

Jordan Harbinger– Podcast Success Summit

Jordan Harbinger

The Art of Charm

The Past, Present & Future of Podcasting

Rob Greenlee – Podcast Success Summit

Rob Greenlee


Podcasting for Business

Colin Gray – Podcast Success Summit

Colin Gray


How to Build an Irresistible Personal Brand

Phil Pallen – Podcast Success Summit

Phil Pallen



How to Build Long–Lasting Connections

Mark Sieverkropp – Podcast Success Summit

Mark Sieverkropp


How to Outreach Like a Boss and Collaborate With Influencers

Tor Refsland – Podcast Success Summit

Tor Refsland

Time Management


The Power of Blog Commenting

Ryan Biddulph – Podcast Success Summit

Ryan Biddulph

Blogging From Paradise


How to Leverage Content Curation

Matthew Spurr – Podcast Success Summit

Matthew Spurr


Planning and Building Your Online Platform

Mark Asquith – Podcast Success Summit

Mark Asquith

Excellence Expected,

Podcast Websites.com

Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Justin Christianson – Podcast Success Summit

Justin Christianson

Conversion Fanatics

Sharpen Your Podcasting Skills With Anchor & Periscope

Afton Negrea – Podcast Success Summit

Afton Negrea



Podcast Formats

Dave Jackson – Podcast Success Summit

Dave Jackson

School of Podcasting

Community and Types of Podcasters

Dayo Samuel – Podcast Success Summit

Dayo Samuel


Dreams, Podcasts and Reality

Joe Pardo – Podcast Success Summit

Joe Pardo

Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Podcasting + Creativity

Jennifer Crawford – Podcast Success Summit

Jennifer Crawford

DC PodFest


How to Identify Your Ideal Listener

Kate Erickson

Kate Erickson

Entrepreneur On Fire

Podcasting Gear & Setting Up Your Recording Studio

Mike Russell Podcast Success Summit

Mike Russell

New Media Europe

Recording Your Show on the Go

Josh Muccio – Podcast Success Summit

Josh Muccio


How to Create a Smart Editorial Calendar

Garrett Moon – Podcast Success Summit

Garrett Moon



Grow Your Audience By Thinking Like a Fan

Brian Fanzo – Podcast Success Summit

Brian Fanzo


Podcasting + Collaboration

Dave Lee – Podcast Success Summit

Dave Lee

International Podcast Day

How to Get Top–Notch Guests for Your Show

Jessica Rhodes – Podcast Success Summit

Jessica Rhodes

Interview Connections


The Art of Interviewing

Derek Loudermilk – Podcast Success Summit

Derek Loudermilk

The Art of Adventure

The Power of Storytelling

Pamela Slim

Pamela Slim


Creating Value With Your Podcast

Ronsley Vaz – Podcast Success Summit

Ronsley Vaz


Getting Started With Video

Holly Gillen – Podcast Success Summit

Holly Gillen


DAY 10

Podcasting Workflow

Daniel J. Lewis – Podcast Success Summit

Daniel J. Lewis

The Audacity to Podcast

Podcasting, Automation and Efficiency

Hani Mourra – Podcast Success Summit

Hani Mourra

Simple Podcast Press

How to Build Your Side–Hustle

Nick Loper – Podcast Success Summit

Nick Loper

The Side Hustle Show

DAY 11

How to Launch a #1 Podcast

Joel Boggess – Podcast Success Summit

Joel Boggess


Lessons From 1 Million Podcast Downloads

Nathan Latka

Nathan Latka


The Power of Being “Small”

Doug Sandler – Podcast Success Summit

Doug Sandler

The Nice Guys on Business

How to Podcast in 4 Steps

Paul Colligan – Podcast Success Summit

Paul Colligan

How to Podcast 2016

DAY 12

Growing Your List With Lead–Magnets People Really Want

Will Blunt – Podcast Success Summit

Will Blunt


Email List and LinkedIn Growth Strategies

Liam Austin – Podcast Success Summit

Liam Austin


List–Building for Podcasters

Tim Paige – Podcast Success Summit

Tim Paige


DAY 13

Leveraging Marketing Automation & Email Segmentation

Barry Moore – Podcast Success Summit

Barry Moore

The Active Marketer

Marketing Automation and Funnels

Greg Hickman – Podcast Success Summit

Greg Hickman


Growing Your Email List With Social Media

Jen Lehner – Podcast Success Summit

Jen Lehner


How to Create High–Converting Landing Pages

One-Click- Lindsey Anderson – Podcast Success Summit

“One-Click” Lindsey Anderson

Traffic and Leads Podcast

DAY 14

Engaging Your Audience

Harry Duran – Podcast Success Summit

Harry Duran

Podcast Junkies

Comedy Podcasts and the Podcaster–Fan Connection

Graham Elwood – Podcast Success Summit

Graham Elwood

LA Podcast Festival

UK Podcasters and the Power of Community

Izabela Russell – Podcast Success Summit

Izabela Russell

UK Podcasters

DAY 15

How to Get Your First 1,000 Fans

Jon Nastor – Podcast Success Summit

Jon Nastor

Hack the Entrepreneur

The Story of the World’s Biggest Podcasting Conference

Dan Franks – Podcast Success Summit

Dan Franks

Podcast Movement

Podcast Networks

Paul Spain – Podcast Success Summit

Paul Spain


How to Podcast Like a Pro

Michael O'Neal – Podcast Success Summit

Michael O’Neal

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

DAY 16

Visual Content Creation Made Easy

Craig Carpenter – Podcast Success Summit

Craig Carpenter


How to 2x, 5x, 10x Your Podcast Content Reach

Eric Siu – Podcast Success Summit

Eric Siu


How to Repurpose Your Content

Sujan Patel – Podcast Success Summit

Sujan Patel


DAY 17

How to Get Featured on Podcasts

Taylor Pearson – Podcast Success Summit

Taylor Pearson


How to Be a Great Podcast Guest

Tom Schwab – Podcast Success Summit

Tom Schwab


How to Build a Community Around Your Podcast

Jessica Kupferman – Podcast Success Summit

Jessica Kupferman

She Podcasts

Smart Twitter Marketing

Madalyn Sklar – Podcast Success Summit

Madalyn Sklar

#TwitterSmarter Podcast

DAY 18

Instagram Marketing

Sue B. Zimmerman – Podcast Success Summit

Sue B. Zimmerman

The Instagram Expert

Email List and Business Growth With Instagram

Nathan Chan – Podcast Success Summit

Nathan Chan

Foundr Magazine

The Power of Live Video

Joel Comm – Podcast Success Summit

Joel Comm


DAY 19

Snapchat Marketing 101

Mark Kaye – Podcast Success Summit

Mark Kaye

Mark Kaye Show

How to Build a Content Machine

Dan Norris – Podcast Success Summit

Dan Norris


How to Profit From Your Podcast

The Real Brian – Podcast Success Summit

The Real Brian


DAY 20

The Power of Affiliate Marketing Through Amazon

Chris Guthrie – Podcast Success Summit

Chris Guthrie


How to Get Sponsorships

Roberto Candelaria – Podcast Success Summit

Roberto Candelaria


How to Create Your Own Sponsorship Package

Jason Zook – Podcast Success Summit

Jason Zook


DAY 21

How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Rich Brooks – Podcast Success Summit

Rich Brooks

Agents of Change

Successful Product Launch

Nick Unsworth – Podcast Success Summit

Nick Unsworth

Life on Fire

Copywriting Formulas & the 60–Second Sales Hook

Kevin Rogers – Podcast Success Summit

Kevin Rogers

The Truth About Marketing Podcast

Boost Your Sales Through Affiliate Marketing

Matt McWilliams – Podcast Success Summit

Matt McWilliams


DAY 22

Create and Sell Your First Audiobook and Online Course

Krystal Wascher – Podcast Success Summit

Krystal Wascher


How to Build, Launch and Manage a Membership Site

Mike Morrison – Podcast Success Summit

Mike Morrison

The Membership Guys Podcast

From Podcast to Book

Tom Morkes – Podcast Success Summit

Tom Morkes

In the Trenches Podcast

DAY 23

The Power of Webinars

John Corcoran – Podcast Success Summit

John Corcoran

Smart Business


Coaching 101

Dr. Sharon Livingston – Podcast Success Summit

Dr. Sharon Livingston

Coach Certification


How to Get Booked and Paid to Speak

Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin

The Speaker Lab

DAY 24

How to Host a Successful Virtual Summit

Navid Moazzez – Podcast Success Summit

Navid Moazzez


How to Organize a Live Event

Steve Olsher – Podcast Success Summit

Steve Olsher

Reinvention Radio

Goal–Setting, Emotional Intelligence and the “Personal Leadership Playbook”

Steve Palfreyman – Podcast Success Summit

Steve Palfreyman


DAY 25

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Leveraging the Power of Podcasting

John Lee Dumas – Podcast Success Summit

John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur On Fire

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Podcast Success Summit for?

The event features content for both podcasting newbie and advanced, as well as for entrepreneurs, coaches and marketers who don’t want to host their own show but want to learn how to generate leads, acquire customers and monetize by being guest on other people’s shows.


How does the event work?

The virtual summit will take place from May 16th to June 9th. Every day, I’ll email you access to the video sessions of the day. Each session, will be available for you to watch – for free – for 3 days.


What topics will be discussed?

The virtual summit covers podcasting at 360° degrees: podcast formats, gear, promotion, how to be a great podcast guest, email list growth through podcasting and different ways to monetize a show. Content for soon-to-be-podcasters, podcast hosts, entrepreneurs and marketers.


Is the virtual summit live or pre-recorded?

Pre-recorded, the speakers and I did the interview in advance.


How does a session look like?

Each video session is 30-45 minutes of highly–actionable content and focuses on a specific topic. A downloadable pdf with the speaker’s information and links to the resources mentioned will be provided.

What if I want to watch a session after 3 days?

After 3 days, a session is put in the vault and can be accessed only with the VIP Lifetime Access Pass.


Can I get access now?

Access to the summit starts on May 16th – hang in there!