Podcast Success Summit 2017

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Media Logos – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Podcast Optimization

Content Optimization – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Learn about the latest SEO trends and learn how to optimize your content for search engines, iTunes and YouTube

Audience Growth & Community

Audience Growth – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Stop thinking about downloads and think about your listeners. You’ll hear about things you can do to grow and engage your podcast audience

Podcast Guesting

Podcast Guesting – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Interested in being a guest? Learn everything there’s to know from finding podcasts to pitching, conducting interviews and leverage podcast interviews to generate more business

Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Get an overview of different strategies you can use to promote your podcast. Stop marketing your podcast on social media like it’s 2012!

Lead-Generation & Systems

Email & Systems – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Your podcast matters and so does your email list. Get exclusive tips on lead-generation and systems you can set up to grow your list and make your podcasting workflow more effective

Podcast Monetization

Podcast Monetization – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Crowdfunding, sponsorships, advertising and more – hear about different ways you can make money with your podcast 


DAY 1 – September 18th (from noon PT): PLANNING

OPENING PANEL: Impactful Podcasting

Elsie Escobar – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Elsie Escobar

The Feed

Dave Jackson – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Dave Jackson

School of Podcasting

Jessica Kupferman – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Jessica Kupferman

She Podcasts

Planning Your Podcast Content

Addy Saucedo – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Addy Saucedo

The Podcast Planner

Advanced Session with Addy: Tools for Effectively Plan Your Content*

Unpacking & Repurposing Content Ideas

Colin Gray – Podcast Success Summit

Colin Gray


Advanced Session with Colin: Zooming in on Content Stacking & Repurposing*

Systemizing Your Podcast

Henry Reith – Podcast Success Summit

Henry Reith


Advanced Session with Henry: an In-Depth Look at a Podcast System, Step-by-Step*

Copywriting for Podcasters

Laura Petersen – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Laura Petersen

Copywriting for Podcasters

Advanced Session with Laura: Leveraging Copywriting & Optimization on iTunes and Your Site*

Pitching as Podcast Host or Guest

Janet Murray – Podcast Success Summit

Janet Murray

Soulful PR

Advanced Session with Janet: Getting Press Coverage* 

PANEL: Diversity, Niches and Podcasting

Ilana Levine – Podcast Success Summit

Ilana Levine

Little Known Facts

Mike Street – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Mike Street

Smart Brown Voices

Melissa DaSilva – Podcast Success Summit

Melissa DaSilva

Pride Connections

DAY 2 – September 19th (from noon PT): OPTIMIZATION

Video and Live Streaming for Podcasters

Holly Gillen – Podcast Success Summit

Holly Gillen

Business Cinema Live

Advanced Session with Holly: Planning & Creating Better Video Content*

James Wasem – Podcast Success Summit

James Wasem

Live Streaming Your Business

Advanced Session with James: Strategy & Tools for Successful Live Streams* 

Mastering Audio Editing

Hayden Lee – Podcast Success Summit

Hayden Lee

Travel Stories Podcast

Advanced Session with Hayden: Audio Editing Software & Hacks to Work on Your Audio Faster*

Podcast Guesting Jumpstart: From Branding to Finding the Right Shows

Nicole Holland – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Nicole Holland

Interviews That Convert

Advanced Session with Nicole: Strategies & Tools for Effective Podcast Guesting*

Podcast Guesting: From Interview to Sale

Tom Schwab – Podcast Success Summit

Tom Schwab

Interview Valet

Advanced Session with Tom: Resources & Ways to Convert Podcast Listeners Into Leads and Customers*

SEO: Optimizing Your Content & Website

Ashley Faulkes – Podcast Success Summit

Ashley Faulkes

Mad Lemmings

Advanced Session with Ashley: a Real-Time Look at SEO and Tools*

YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Your Video Content

Andrew Kan – Podcast Success Summit

Andrew Kan


Advanced Session with Andrew: TubeBuddy and YouTube SEO in Action*

PANEL: Community-Building for Podcasters

Jennifer Crawford – Podcast Success Summit

Jennifer Crawford

DC PodFest

Dave Lee – Podcast Success Summit

Dave Lee

International Podcast Day

Callie Willows – Podcast Success Summit

Callie Willows 

Behind the Membership

DAY 3 – September 20th (from noon PT): GROWTH

PANEL: Podcast Marketing, 2017 Style

Nick Loper – Podcast Success Summit

Nick Loper

Side Hustle Show

Hani Mourra – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Hani Mourra


Advanced Session with Hani: Automation for Podcasters*

Lyndsay Phillips – Podcast Success Summit

Lyndsay Phillips

Sailing to Success

Advanced Session with Lyndsay: Content Marketing for Podcasters: Tools & Strategies*

Baird Hall Dave Lee – Podcast Success Summit

Baird Hall


Advanced Session with Baird: Creating Animated Social Cards & Keeping Track of Your Marketing Efforts* 

Building & Growing a Facebook Group

Steve Palfreyman – Podcast Success Summit

Steve Palfreyman

Music Launch Hub

Advanced Session with Steve: Behind the Scenes of Our Facebook Groups: Hacks, Features & Tools*

Twitter Marketing, the Podcaster’s Way

Mike Kawula – Podcast Success Summit

Mike Kawula

Social Quant

Advanced Session with Mike: Real-Time Look at Twitter Strategies and Resources for More Impact*

Instagram Marketing for Podcasters

Stefano Mongardi – Podcast Success Summit

Stefano Mongardi


Advanced Session with Stefano: Instagram at 360°: Tools & Hacks*

Generating Leads & Landing Clients with LinkedIn

Sarah Santacroce – Podcast Success Summit

Sarah Santacroce

Introvert Biz Growth

Advanced Session with Sarah: LinkedIn Deep-Dive: From Profile Optimization to Lead-Generation*

Unlocking the Power of Pinterest for Business

Summer Tannhauser Mike Kawula – Podcast Success Summit

Summer Tannhauser


Advanced Session with Summer: Zooming in on Pinterest: Growth Hacks & Tools*

DAY 4 – September 21st (from noon PT): IMPACT

Amplifying the Reach of Your Podcast Content

Ronsley Vaz – Podcast Success Summit

Ronsley Vaz

We Are Podcast

Advanced Session with Ronsley: Understanding Your Listeners and Turning Them Into Paying Customers*

Email List Growth Strategies for Podcasters

Tom Tate – Podcast Success Summit

Tom Tate


Advanced Session with Tom: Email Marketing Softwares & Implementing Email List Strategies*

Generating Leads With Giveaways

Josh Earl – Podcast Success Summit

Josh Earl


Advanced Session with Josh: Creating a Giveaway, Step-by-Step*

From Podcast Listener to Client

Kelly Roach – Podcast Success Summit

Kelly Roach

Unstoppable Success Radio

Advanced Session with Kelly: A Closer Look at Strategies & Tools to Turn Listeners Into Clients*

Leveraging Funnels & Webinars as a Podcaster

Casey Zeman – Podcast Success Summit

Casey Zeman

Easy Webinar

Advanced Session with Casey: Automated Webinar Setup & Case-Studies*

PANEL: Self-Publishing, Audiobooks and Podcasts

Sarah Rhea Werner – Podcast Success Summit

Sarah Rhea Werner

Write Now Podcast

Kathryn Kemp Guylay – Podcast Success Summit

Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Make Everything Fun

Krystal Wascher – Podcast Success Summit

Krystal Wascher


DAY 5 – September 22nd (from noon PT): MONETIZATION

Podcast Monetization Strategies

Shannon Martin – Podcast Success Summit

Shannon Martin


Advanced Session with Shannon: Zooming in on Ways to Make Money With Your Show*

PANEL: Online Courses, Membership Sites & Virtual Summits

Bailey Richert – Podcast Success Summit

Bailey Richert

Infopreneur Show

Mike Morrison – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Mike Morrison

The Membership Guys

Janelle Allen – ZenCourses

Janelle Allen


Crowdfunding for Podcasters

Ariel Hyatt – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Ariel Hyatt


Advanced Session with Ariel: A Closer Look at the Component of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign*

PANEL: Podcast Profits

Daniel J. Lewis – Podcast Success Summit

Daniel J. Lewis

The Audacity to Podcast

Glenn Rubenstein – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Glenn Rubenstein

Podcast Advertising Works

Advanced Session with Glenn: Making Podcast Advertising Work*

Roberto Candelaria – Podcast Success Summit

Roberto Candelaria

Sponsorships for Influencers

Advanced Session with Roberto: 5 Key Steps to Landing a Sponsor*

Francesco Baschieri – Podcast Success Summit

Francesco Baschieri


CLOSING PANEL: Scaling Your Podcast

Natalie Eckdahl – Podcast Success Summit

Natalie Eckdahl

Biz Chix Podcast

Mark Asquith – Podcast Success Summit

Mark Asquith

Podcast Websites

Jessica Rhodes – Podcast Success Summit

Jessica Rhodes

Interview Connections

Mathew Passy – Podcast Success Summit 2017

Mathew Passy


*please note that the Advanced Sessions are available only to holders of the All-Access Pass

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